Elsa and Her Cubs....
Jespah, Gopa, and Little Elsa

Elsa_AndHerCubs_InRiver_400Cr.jpg (78368 bytes)
Elsa and her 3 cubs Jespah, Gopa and Little Elsa in river.

Elsa_AndHerCubs_InRiver_WideViewCropped.jpg (107115 bytes)
Elsa and her 3 cubs in river. .... Close-up of photo above.

ElsasCubs_3_440_Cr.jpg (105433 bytes)
Elsa's Three Cubs..... Jespah, Gopa and Little Elsa

ElsasCubs_Two_Seregenti_620.jpg (141310 bytes)
Two of Elsa's cubs in the Seregenti

ElsaCub_Jespah_OnLandRover_600_Cr.jpg (124627 bytes)
Elsa's Cub, Jespah
Jespah sitting on the Land Rover as his mother Elsa used to do.
He was the friendliest of the cubs and seemed to be closest to his mom.
Unfortunately he trusted humans too much and was believed to be speared by Africans.

ElsaCub_JespahHead_OnLandRover_400_Cr.jpg (49302 bytes)
Jespah (Elsa's Cub)
Jespah resting on the Land Rover
just as his mother Elsa used to do.
(See photo below.)

Elsa_Snoozing_Color.jpg (6118 bytes)
Elsa resting on Land Rover
Tribute to Elsa

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