Letters Written by Joy Adamson - 1964 (January-June)

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Elsa the Lioness and Joy

The letters on THIS page are letters written by Joy in 1964. (January-June)
NOTE: There are NO letters from January, February or March.
These VERY rare letters are in chronological order.
The oldest letters are presented first.

Letter dated 1964,  April 5th.... Page 1

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Letter dated 1964,  April 5th.... Page 2

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Letter dated 1964,  April 5th.... Page 3

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Letter dated 1964,  April 24th
Sent from New York, USA.

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Letter dated 1964,  May 23rd

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Letter dated 1964,  June 4th

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Letter written 1964,   June 30th

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Side 2 ....  Including Postmark.

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5 letters -  8 pages.


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