m Letters Written by Joy Adamson - 1965

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Elsa the Lioness and Joy

These are an archive of letters written by Joy in 1965.
These rare letters are in chronological order.
The oldest letters are presented first.

Letter dated 1965, February 11th.... Front

Letter dated 1965, February 11th.... Back ....  Including postmark.  (See Below.)

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This letter is written in 1965, February 22nd by VIRGINIA McKENNA,
who along with her husband Bill Travers starred in the movie Born Free.

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Back .... Including Postmark.

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Letter written in 1965,  April 24th

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Letter written in 1965,  June 18th

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Letter written in  1965,  September 10th

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Letter written 1965, December 22th

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Letter written in 1965,  December 28th  (Including postmark)

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Page 2  (Handwritten on Back Side)  .... Includes Postmark.

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