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Billy Arjan Singh and Harriet the Leopard
Billy Arjan Singh was born into a prestigious family of Sikh landowners
and went from being a hunter to the most tenacious champion of wildlife
India has ever produced.

BOOKS By Arjan Singh

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c1973  - Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-10962
Tiger Haven is the remarkable story of the author's attempts to protect Indian wildlife in one small area of Uttar Pradesh, of his observations of the wildlife in his sanctuary, and of his own metamorphosis from sportsman and farmer to photographer and conservationist. (He was born into a prestigious family of Sikh landowners. Eventually he became one of the world's greatest conservationists, and  received the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation award. )
Many interesting photos, both color and black and white.
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c1981 - ISBN   0-7043-2282 X
The story of Tara's development is a fascinating one. From the build-up of her relationship with Eelie the dog and Harriet the leopardess, through her early attempts at eating a porcupine and her surprise encounter with a bear, to her first kill, the reader will be spellbound. 
Many interesting photos, both color and black and white.
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ArjanSingh_BookCover_TigerTiger_Sm_1-06.jpg (8327 bytes)
c1984 - ISBN   0-224-02991-6
No human being has ever lived in closer harmony with Tigers than the distinguished Indian naturalist Billy Arjan Singh. 
He makes a moving plea for greater efforts in the field of conservation. Above all, the fascination of this book lies in the author's own unique observations of tigers in the jungle including  his own tigers. Many interesting photos, mostly color.

ArjanSingh_BookCover_TigersStory_54310_Sm.jpg (9533 bytes)
c1999 - ISBN 81-7223-356-6
In July 1976, Arjan Singh collected a tiger cub from Twycross Zoo. Tara, as she was named, was brought to Tiger Haven, the author's farm in Uttar Pradesh and reared by him in the hope of returning her to the wild. A touching account of the tigers that came into the author's life, this brilliant volume concludes with inspiring chapters on tiger conservation.
NOTEThis book contains some of the chapters from "Tara A Tigress" and  some of the chapters from "Tiger!Tiger"!(NOT all the chapters).
Several interesting color photos..
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ArjanSingh_BookCover_PrinceOfCats_Medium_1-06.jpg (17094 bytes)
c1982 - ISBN  0-224-02034-X
Wonderful book about Harriet the Leopard and other animals at Tiger Haven under the care of conservationist Billy Arjan Singh.
Many interesting photos, mostly color.
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ArjanSingh_BookCover_EelieAndBigCats_Sm_507021.jpg (6476 bytes)
C1987 - ISBN  019 565749 7
"Eelie is a most unusual dog who arrives uninvited at the home of Billy Arjan Singh, when she is a few months old and stayed for the rest of her life to become his inseparable companion. Along the way, she befriends and forms a special association with the three leopards which Arjan Singh rears at his home; the leopard cub, prince, and the twin sisters Harriet and Juliette. Later arrives the zoo-born tigress Tara, who returns to the jungle to produce her cubs by a wild tiger.
"The author writes with a sympathy for all animals and a regard for conservation in this unique story of Eelie with the ‘Big Cats’. Eelie forms a rare bridge between the world of humans and that of wild creatures, linking the two in a way never seen before or since."
Several appealing color photos.
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Arjan Singh's : TIGER BOOK.
ArjanSingh_BookCover_TigerBook_Sm_8174360344.02.jpg (5941 bytes)
c1998, 160 p.

The fear of extinction of the glamorous jungle cat, the tiger, is a spectre that haunts Arjan Singh. It is humanity's duty to ensure the survival of this great species, which is a symbol of the great forests in which it lives. A collection of writings on the tiger by contributors from all walks of life; hunters-turned-conservationists, photographers, filmmakers, all bound by the common interest of preserving this species.
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WATCHING INDIA'S WILDLIFE: The Anthology Of A Lifetime
ArjanSingh_BookCover_WatchingIndiasWildlife_Sm_0195672186.02.jpg (7111 bytes)
c2003 - ISBN 019-565094-8
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Honorary Tiger: The Life of Billy Arjan Singh
Author: Duff Hart-Davis
ArjanSingh_BookCover_HonoraryTiger_M220.jpg (16373 bytes)

Hardcover 224 pages. Also photos.
UK -Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd  (October 27, 2005)  ISBN: 0413775534
US - Publisher: Methuen Publishing  (May 1, 2006)  ISBN: 0413775534

An affectionate biography of India's renowned 'tiger-man', and one of the world's greatest conservationists. Billy Arjan Singh's has been an extraordinary life by any standards. Born into a prestigious family of Sikh landowners, the young Singh was a relentless hunter and killer of every creature imaginable, until, guided by his conscience and observation of the impact of man on nature, he became one of the most tenacious champions of wildlife India has ever produced. "Honorary Tiger" is an affectionate portrait of a man who has devoted fifty years of his life dedicated to the cause and conservation of wildlife, and in particular, of India's threatened tiger population (which he has written about in books such as "Tiger, Tiger, Prince of Cats" and "Eelie and the Big Cats". Along the way, Singh has encountered official corruption, apathy, and public scorn but has remained a champion of the forest, and it was due to his tireless campaigning that in 1973 Indira Gandhi authorized the creation of India's Dudhwa National Park. He is perhaps most famous for the creation of Tiger Haven, his extraordinary home on the edge of the jungle, where he lives with his tigers and three orphaned leopards. Now in his eighties, he recently received the J.Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation award - a global honor administered by the World Wildlife fund - in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international conservation. A fascinating biography of a unique life, Honorary Tiger is currently a best-selling title in India. Billy Arjan Singh recently received the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation award.
Several interesting photos.
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FILMS About Billy Arjan Singh

Video Title  -  Leopard of the Wild
Originally called: The Leopard That Changed Its Spots
This film (on vhs) is the fascinating story of Harriet, a truly remarkable leopard that was reared at Tiger Haven, an animal conservation site in India and the home of conservationist Billy Arjan Singh. It tells the story of her return to the wild and having cubs. It provides extremely rare and remarkable footage of her interactions with her friends Billy Arjan Singh, a Tiger named Tara and a dog name Eelie. This is an inspiring and delightful film!!!

Excellent film in ALL ways! Superb photography by Dieter Plage, excellent narration by David Niven and ideally suited music! A very professionally done film which is a delight to watch.

This REMARKABLE video titled 'Leopard of the Wild' is certainly worthy of being placed on DVD but was only placed on VHS. The VHS is unfortunately no longer available except from individual sellers that have a single used copy for sale. 

There is also an excellent book about Harriet titled,  "Prince of Cats".

Video Title  -  Tiger, Tiger
This film features Arjan Singh, Tara the Tigress and much general information about Tigers.
The photography is good but overall the film lacks the quality of the Leopard film previously mentioned.  The music in this film sounds generic and does NOT suit the film but detracts from it. The narration by Richard Widmark is monotone and lacks enthusiasm. But still the subject is of great interest and makes this film worth watching.

Film  - The Fire of Thine Eyes
Interesting and fact filled documentary about Tigers and in particular, Tara the Tigress raised by Billy Arjan Singh.   The film is narrated by Virginia McKenna (Played the part of Joy Adamson in the award winning movie Born Free.)
Approximately 50 minutes.

Billy Arjan Singh, renowned conservationist
is the recipient of the 2006 Padma Bhusan award. Info

On February 4, 2005. Billy Arjan Singh at age 87 was presented
the J.Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation award -  a global honour
in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international conservation.
15 August 1917 �  1 January 2010

"Billy" Arjan Singh died peacefully at his original farmhouse Jasbir Nagar on 1 January 2010.

He never married.  His sister Amar remained his closest relative.
He was an Indian hunter turned conservationist.
He was the first who tried to reintroduce tigers and leopards from captivity into the wild.

Billy Arjan Singh Tiger Foundation
Director: B. Arjan Singh
Tiger Haven 
P.O. Pallia
District Kheri 262 902  (Uttar Pradesh)

Make a donation and/or
PLEASE write Mr. Singh a letter of 'support' and 'appreciation'
for all he has done to help the big cats
No doubt it would mean a lot to him to read your kind words.
Please tell him in what way he has inspired you to help animals.
Sadly on 1 January 2010 Billy Arjan Singh passed away.


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