George Adamson Photos
The photos on THIS page were kindly provided in 2005 & 2006 by Virginia McKenna.
Virginia starred with her husband Bill Travers in the movie Born Free.
Both Virginia and Bill became close friends with George Adamson.
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GeorgeAdamson_AndUgas_Meru_VM_620.jpg (86919 bytes)
Ugas with his friend George Adamson in Meru
Ugas was certainly one of the sweetest and most friendly of the many lions.
In the movie Born Free, Ugas starred with Lioness Girl in the 'courting scene'.
Ugas laid under a tree looking handsome while Girl flirted with him.

 GeorgeAdamson_BillTravers_Boy_Kora1970_34or31_VM_Medium.jpg (63794 bytes)
FRIENDS: George Adamson, Bill Travers and Boy at Kora 1970

GeorgeAdamson_VirginiaMcKenna_Girl_PicnicLunch_3or35_VM_Sm.jpg (89610 bytes)
Virginia McKenna petting Girl while George Adamson looks on.
Photo taken during a picnic lunch between filming of the movie Born Free.

 GeorgeAdamson_Mara_VirginiaMcKenna_Picnic_CreditBillTravers_18_VM_Medium.jpg (62586 bytes)
George Adamson, Mara the Lioness and Virginia McKenna.
Picnic lunch between filming scenes from the movie Born Free.
Mara , two years old, seemed to believe that George was her mother!
When it came to meal times Mara pacified herself with a shirt-suckling session.

GeorgeAdamson_WithMaraAtPicnicLunch_4_VM_Sm.jpg (51164 bytes)
Mara loved George and seemed to wish that he were her mom!
View the film "The Lions Are Free" to learn  what happened to Mara the lioness after the
filming of the movie 'Born Free' was completed.(See the DVD/VIDEOS  page on this website.)

GeorgeAdamson_Mara_CreditBillTravers_15_VM_Sm.jpg (43996 bytes)
Mara with George Adamson
View the film "The Lions Are Free" to learn  what happened to Mara the lioness after the
filming of the movie 'Born Free' was completed.(See the DVD/VIDEOS page on this website.)

BillTravers_AndGirl_13or45_VM_Sm_TouchedUp.jpg (42236 bytes)
Bill Travers and Girl the Lioness

BillTravers_OnLandRoverWithBoyAndGirl_12_VM_Sm_TU.jpg (47284 bytes)
Bill Travers on Land Rover with Girl and Boy
View the film "The Lions Are Free" to learn  what happened to the lioness Girl and her brother Boy after
the filming of the movie 'Born Free' was completed. (See the Videos/DVDs page on this website.)

GeorgeAdamson_BoyAndChristianAtKora_8_VM_Sm.jpg (75799 bytes)
George Adamson with Boy(left) and Christian
wading in the Tana River at Kora.

GeorgeAdamson_ChristianFromChelseaEngland_NowInKenya_16_VM_Sm.jpg (56777 bytes)
George Adamson with Christian the Lion
Christian flew to Kenya all the way from Chelsea England.
There is a fascinating movie titled "Christian the Lion" which tells the story
of how Christian moved from England to live a life in the wilds of Kenya, East Africa.
See the DVD/Books page on this web site.  NOTE: This movie is available on DVD and VHS.

GeorgeAdamson_InLandRoverWithBoyAndGirlOnTop_CreditBillTravers_11or22or57_VM_Sm_TouchedUp.jpg (48515 bytes)
George Adamson in Land Rover with Boy on top and Girl on the hood

 GeorgeAdamson_SmokingPipe_Columbia_67_VM_Sm_TU.jpg (27596 bytes)
George Adamson .... Always a Gentleman

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In a message written in February 2005 Virginia McKenna(Star of the movie Born Free) made this comment regarding her dear friend George Adamson  "....No-one who met George could fail to have been inspired and touched by this remarkable man."

The Christian Science Monitor wrote,
NO one better knew the language and lives of lions  -  or loved them more - than George Adamson.
....Few scientists took him seriously. But friends say many scientists would have been humbled by sitting at the table of a man who sensed nature as a living whole, rather than only a subject to study.

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