George Adamson 'Video Clips'
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Thanks to the hard work, kindness and understanding of George Adamson
MANY lions were helped to have a free life.

George's lion family shown on this video clip were living free, in the wild,
and yet greeted Bill Travers(star of the movie Born Free)
who had not seen them for a year
with affection and gentleness.  Bill credited George saying he
knew without George Adamson this could NOT have been possible.

These film clips are from the one hour film titled
"The Lions Are Free"
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Amazingly, even on a fresh kill, George was accepted
and welcomed by his Lion family!

Below, George and Boy after their picnic, napping under a tree.

NO one better knew the language and lives of lions  - 
or loved them more - than George Adamson.

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In Loving Memory of
George Adamson, "Baba ya Simba"
and his Beloved Lions.
Sadly George was murdered by bandits when bravely going to the rescue of a young tourist.
He was buried beside his beloved Lion Boy. (Photos on this website.)
George Adamson was a hero to the very end,  giving his life to save another!

George showed the world what man can do with Love.
And the Lions showed us they are  'individuals' with a wide range of qualities,
capable of varied emotions, deep trust and lasting friendship.

We hope all of you who may be inspired by George and the Lions will be a voice for the animals.
The animals cannot speak for themselves and rely on us to speak for them.
Please do what YOU can to HELP them ....

Lions do NOT deserve to be treated like this....
A tiny, dirty cage for his entire life!!!  A miserable existence!

Nick shown imprisoned in a tiny, dirty cage!
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Nick the Lion  suffered in deplorable conditions

Lions like Nick need Your HELP....
Protect Lions

George Adamson wrote in his book  titled "My Pride and Joy":
"Who will now care for the animals, for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voices, when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?"
George Adamson

Report cruel living conditions and abuse to animals,  Support legislation to help animals,
Support groups that DIRECTLY help Lions.  BE THEIR VOICE....Help Lions.
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