Elsamere in 2010
Former home of Joy Adamson located on the banks of Lake Naivasha

Elsamere in earlier years....

George's Land Rover
George's Land Rover he was driving when he bravely rushed to rescue a young
European tourist from poachers.  He was shot to death saving her.

George’s Land Rover was restored and repainted.
(Unfortunately it was not repainted to match the same color as when George drove it prior to the attack.)
Much of the glass was shot out when George was murdered but the glass has been restored.
The bullet holes are still visible on the Land Rover.

Door off of George's Land Rover with bullet hole, before they repainted and restored the Land Rover.
The repainted color of the vehicle is not the same as when George drove it.


George Adamson was a Hero to the end .... giving his life to save another.


George Adamson....Read about George
GeorgeAdamson_AndElsaSittingOnRock_BW_BF_Sm.jpg (62573 bytes)
George Adamson with his beloved lioness Elsa.
Elsa died with her head in George's lap.

Elsa the Lioness Tribute

Elsamere....Grounds and Outside Views
Tribute Room and House Interior
Elsamere .... 2012