BELOW:  The following interior photos were taken only four years after Joy was murdered.
This is probably furnished the way it looked when Joy was alive. (The photos shown above are more recent.)



Joy Adamson Tribute Room Formerly the bedroom of Joy.






Above is a close-up photo of Joy and George's personal photo album.
In the photo below this album is seen inside the glass display cabinet. (Center, near bottom.)

NOTE:   A conservation conference was taking place during this visit to Elsamere.
(The next 2 photos were taken during the conference.)

George Adamson....Read about George
GeorgeAdamson_AndElsaSittingOnRock_BW_BF_Sm.jpg (62573 bytes)
George Adamson with his beloved lioness Elsa.
Elsa died with her head in George's lap.

Elsa the Lioness Tribute

Elsamere....Grounds and Outside Views
Elsamere .... 2010
Elsamere .... 2012