George Adamson
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Final Resting Place

George_Adamson_RestingPlace_VirginiaMcKenna_ViisitsInMarch2005_Picture 17_SmTU.jpg (142285 bytes)
Virginia McKenna placing dried flowers on George's final resting place,
as she also did on Boy's and Elsa's grave.
George Adamson's final resting place is in the Kora National Park.
He is next to his brother Terrace, SuperCub and George's beloved lion friend Boy.
Photo taken by MDaines in March 2005.

With military precision 12 uniformed game rangers raised their rifles to their shoulders and fired a volley into the air. The stillness of the afternoon was shattered by this final mark of respect to conservationist, George Adamson, as he was buried.

Two of the rangers played the Last Post as George was buried beside his brother, Terence, who died two years earlier, and close to the graves of two of his beloved lions who had helped to make George and his wife Joy, a household name around the world.

A friend wrote, "Lions were his masterpiece", and George showed the world what man could do with love when dealing with what some persons would call, ferocious wild animals.

In the end what killed both George and Joy, was the most ferocious and ruthless predator ever to exist, humans.

In an article in Summer 2005 Virginia McKenna wrote, "Returning to Kora, as I did this year in March , and standing in George's now silent little camp, the memories of all those years came surging back.  The love and and the loss. ....
George is buried some distance away along the track next to his brother Terence and his beloved lion Boy.  ....  In both resting places(George & Elsa) there is a sense of peace."

A young Lion, holding a twig in this mouth, visits George's Grave the day after George was buried.
Baba ya Simba  (Father of Lions), friend and protector is now gone.

RestingPlace_GAdamsn_TonyAndMJenkins.jpg (88375 bytes)
Pictured is Ton who worked for George and on the right is
Mark (tan shirt) who is the nephew of Daphne Sheldrick.
NOTE:  The above photo was sent to us with the suggestion that we might
include the above photo.   However no name was given to be credited.

Final resting place for Terrance Adamson (George's brother)
We believe the smaller grave to the left belongs to sweet Super Cub.

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Boy the Lion....Final Resting Place

Boy_Lion_RestingPlace_Kora_680.jpg (219694 bytes)
Boy the Lion....Final Resting Place
See photo further down page of George and his dear friend Boy resting together under a tree.
Thanks to Brian for this photo.

A service was held in London to honor George Adamson.
This is the notice of the services.

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George Adamson wrote in his book:
"Who will now care for the animals, for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voices, when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?"
George Adamson

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George Adamson and Boy the Lion taking a nap in the shade of a tree.
NO other human has ever established the loyalty, friendship and trust of lions
that are living wild and still retained this absolutely remarkable, intimate relationship.
It takes a truly exceptional, intuitive human.  Sadly we shall never see this kind of person again. 

These two friends are buried near to each other....their final resting place is together.

George showed the world what man can do with Love.
And his beloved Lions showed us they are  'individuals' with a wide range of qualities,
capable of varied emotions, deep trust and lasting friendship.

We hope all of you who may be inspired by George and the Lions will be a voice for the animals.
The animals cannot speak for themselves and rely on us to speak for them.
Please do what YOU can to HELP them
You will find a few links on this site with some places that help wild animals. 
This group is planning a SANCTUARY to help LIONS and other big cats. 
Help Lions 

Read About George....Father of Lions

Tribute to Elsa the Lioness

George Adamson BLOG article....Read This
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Video Clips of George & Lions....View Here

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KORA REVISITED - In late 1997, Gareth Patterson the man who rescued George's three lion cubs after George was murdered, revisited Kora Reserve(Now a National Park) after eight years having not been there. This is his touching account of his visit.  Kora Revisited

Virginia McKenna visited Kampi ya Simba in Kora
in Kenya East Africa in March 2005.....Photos

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In a message written in February 2005 Virginia McKenna(Star of the movie Born Free) made this comment regarding her dear friend George Adamson  "....No-one who met George could fail to have been inspired and touched by this remarkable man."

In Memory of George.... SUPPORT
an organization that helps the big cats
AND  SUPPORT legislation that helps big cats!

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Support Animal Organizations
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