Bill Travers

BillTravers_OnLandRoverWithBoyAndGirl_12_VM_Sm_TU.jpg (47284 bytes)
Bill Travers with Girl and Boy
Bill was a wonderful and special human being.
He worked tirelessly helping to ease the suffering of animals.
It might also be added that he was a marvelous actor and could
express more with a look than most actors can with a hundred words!
His spirit remains alive through his kind deeds and accomplishments.
The world is a better place because Bill Travers lived in it.

VirginiaMcKenna_AndBillTravers_AndLioness_OnLandRover_Picture3_SmTU.jpg (64823 bytes)
Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers with Girl the Lioness
Their affection for the animals was genuine and it showed!
This real-life husband and wife played George and Joy Adamson in the movie Born Free.

Bill_Travers_WalkingWithLionessInKenya_Picture2_SmTU.jpg (87331 bytes)
Bill Travers walking on the African plains in Kenya with Girl the Lioness.

George_Travers_Lioness_OnLandRover_BWstillCr.jpg (91290 bytes)

Virginia_Lioness_Bill_Color_SignedMcKenna_400.jpg (55734 bytes)
Signed photo - Virginia and Bill and Girl the Lioness

Bill_Virginia_Color_LobbyCard_BornFree_280Cr.jpg (22324 bytes)
Bill and Virginia
Husband and Wife and Kindred Spirits

George_Adamson_AndBillTravers_InEngland_1984_Picture16_Sm.jpg (126144 bytes)
Great FRIENDS - George Adamson(left) and Bill Travers
With them is one of Bill and Virginia's dogs, Shadow.
Photo taken in 1984 at the home of Bill and Virginia in Surry England.
George stayed with Bill and Virginia for a month to recuperate after having a cataract operation.

George_Adamson_AndBillTravers_InEngland_1984_Picture16_Cr.jpg (93556 bytes)
George Adamson, Bill Travers and Shadow
(This is a close-up view of the photo shown above.)

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Bill Travers

Virginia_Bill_3LionCubs_BW.jpg (32670 bytes)
Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers
Husband and Wife AND Kindred Spirits.

BFF_pdf_Bill_Virginia_BW_Cr.jpg (15005 bytes)
Bill and Virginia

Bill_Travers_RS_BW_EB_Cr.jpg (10697 bytes)
Bill Travers, also Known As: William Lindon-Travers
(William Inglis Lindon-Travers),
Born on January 3, 1922 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Died March 29, 1994 in Dorkey, England at the age of 72.

He had spent his last three years travelling around
Europe's slum zoos and a TV documentary that he made
exposed the appalling suffering of thousands of animals.
His legacy lives on in his many accomplishments.

BFF_VirginiaGeorgeBillJoy_KenyaEastAfrica.jpg (24866 bytes)
Pictured Left to Right:
Virginia McKenna, George Adamson,
Bill Travers and Joy Adamson

Bill Travers with George Adamson and the LIONS .... 'Video Clips'

In 1964, the 30th of August Joy wrote to a close acquaintance the following:
(Excerpt is from actual copy of letter written by Joy Adamson.)
READ Joy Adamson's comments about Bill and Virginia....

JA_Letter_1964_08_30th_S1_ExerptTravers.jpg (92580 bytes)
To read this entire letter and many others and gain insight into the life and thoughts of
Joy Adamson and get a glimsp of the former Africa, see the "Joy Adamson's Letters" web page on this site.

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